Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Writer's Pause

June wasn't just a great publishing month for me... it was a time of reflection.
In June I published the third installment of my Agnes Barton mysteries, Senior Snoops. Sales were slow to begin with and I now know I'll never again have a summer book release. Summer readers don't really exist. Who would be reading a book or buying one when you could be outdoors enjoying the sunshine? Others might disagree with this, but this was my experience. It was so discouraging for me that I contemplated giving it all up. I thought maybe I didn't like to write that much anymore. I guess that is the result after publishing two Agnes Barton mysteries plus a novella that has yet earned out the editor fees. Writing is a struggle... finding an audience for your books is a struggle. I continue to work hard to find that audience.

In June I ran two different promos on high profile website that had me reducing the price of my book Grannies, Guns and Ghosts to 99 cents, the price it still is. I had intended to raise the price as of the 1st, but Amazon's rules are clear. If it's cheaper on another site, the price will be matched on Amazon. I'm not entirely sad that is the case because Grannies, Guns and Ghosts has landed on some bestsellers lists for humor and woman sleuth. The best stats to date was a #215 spot on kindle overall. That is the best to date for any of the books of my series. My other books in the series are selling including the first book, Armed and Outrageous.

I think the success of my most recent book had to do with the fact that it has never been promoted before. I no longer partake in Kindle Select and won't be offering any of my books for free again. It's my personal choice. I have devised a much different marketing ploy.

Going forward I will continue to write the Agnes Barton mystery series for the audience that craves it. It has found a following of sorts and I will continue to bring them more Agnes and Eleanor adventures. 

Writing is a struggle.... I embrace it. My family deserves more of my time... I try to fulfill my obligations to them. Writing is my passion and the one thing that makes me feel better about life. I will continue to live life to the fullest...

Coming in the fall of 2013.... Redneck Romance, which will be published by Tirgearr Publishing. It will be my first published book.

True to his words, Sheriff Clem Peterson sends Agnes Barton and Eleanor Mason packing to Florida via a Cessna, but things go haywire when during a fuel stop, two men shoot the pilot. Agnes springs into action slamming the door just as shots are fired while Frank Alton jumps into the cockpit flying them out of there.

When they land in Florida, they’re asked tough questions by Putner and Palmer from Homeland Security. They keep asking if they found a packet on board the plane, a packet that Agnes has tucked in her purse, but they never mention what’s in the packet. She decides to hold onto it; after all it contains twenty-five thousand in cash.

Sheriff Calvin Peterson, Sheriff Clem Peterson’s brother, picks them up from the airport in Florida, but tells them the bad news. His brother Clem made arrangements for them to stay at Sunny Brooke Retirement Village and work as the hired help to pay for their room and board. They go unwillingly, but discover in town that two maids have disappeared at Sunny Brooke.

It’s a race against the clock; will Agnes and Eleanor solve the case of the missing maids and finally figure out what happened to their pilot before they also show up on a milk jug?