Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Selling your soul to the devil

One of my friends on Facebook posed the question earlier this week. What would you sell your soul to the devil for? Interesting question, I remember someone when I was younger that said. "I would sell my soul to the devil today if it could change my life."

His life changed, but all of our lives changed. I don't think the devil had anything to do with it. Instead, those exact words may come back to haunt you late at night as you try to sleep.

Have you ever had an experience while trying to sleep. Maybe you were asleep, maybe not. You start to fall into a deep sleep only to be feel a pressing weight upon you. Can't breath, wake-up or move a muscle. You fight it as the fear grips you, but you don't allow it to overcome you. Finally, you wake up saying a prayer even though you rarely pray anymore. Sweat beaded on you head, and you try to stay awake, only to fall asleep again having the same feeling.

I know all too well because it has happened to me, more than once. It was only earlier this week I had what seemed to be a nightmare I couldn't wake up from, and yet I couldn't allow it to take me. Now I'm off track.

Point is, what about you would make your soul worthy of the Devil, unless you give birth to the Antichrist's that is. Stop and think about it, who would be worthy enough? I'm 46, and I can't think of one soul worthy enough to be with me for eternity, if I was the Devil I mean.

That would be a story worth telling. Man sells soul to Devil and is booted out of hell. I can think of a number of people I would give a boot to, if I were him. People that think they know everything, I can imagine that could annoy him. I'm the Devil and who do you think you are ordering me around. Telling me I don't know how to run my business. It's not as if he can trust anyone. If there's someone that can't trust anyone, it would be the devil.

If anything I think selling your soul to the devil could only make your life worse, or I could be wrong. I just know I hate the heat. So I will continue to fight my demons, and I hope you can fight yours.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week in review

My week in a nutshell, I had four days in a row off my full-time job. Three days of lectures, sims labs, and computer training, for my new job. Computer charting is going to be my biggest challenge.

It makes me think how computers have taken 
over our lives so completely that if they fail, the world as we know it ends. No gas pumps, no money, no jobs, nothing. The Internet has taken over our lives and there is no stopping it now. It makes you wonder if that is truly how it will all end. Computers run everything today. Who will survive?

Believe it or not we survived when I was younger, and we 
didn't have any of that. We went outside and rode our bikes until dark when we booked it home, because if we didn't we knew what waited for us. Can you remember the days when you got your butt spanked? Contrary to popular belief, I never died or became a violent person. In truth, it didn't affect me at all except for momentarily. I knew if I messed up my Dad would pull his belt out and give us a good whooping. Maybe I'm just old, but I remember teachers gave spankings at school too. It was always the same kid every day, and for the life of me, I can't remember why he was ever spanked in the first place. Maybe I can find him on Facebook. I still remember his name.

I also remember scandal 
too. There were these two teachers that supposedly had something going on. Maybe they didn't, but I know they got married, and she was pregnant right away, and that was in middle school. I always liked a good story.

was married for ten years to a man before we divorce. I was 21 and so damn young I didn't know what we were doing. Ten years later we outgrew each other, and he married a lovely woman eight years his senior. We never had kids and thinking back that was a blessing. 

I have grown matured and 
become a better person despite my many hardships, and believe me there were many.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The human centipede

What exactly is a human centipede? I was curious, and I watched the trailer that was too revealing. The German Dr. was creepy enough for me. I read a review that said he wasn't scary, I disagree. I wouldn't have gone into that house! After taking a drink from a completer stranger, they woke up to find themselves tied to hospital beds, and the Dr. killed the man already down there--he didn't match.
The good Dr. worked hard at disposing the body and carrying a new, much younger man inside. He described to them his expertise in separating Siamese twins, and described in full detail what he had in store for them. They would be hooked lips to anus, enough for most of us to cringe.
It had its unbelievable parts. Like how did he get them downstairs if they were all connected, they barely made it upstairs trying to escape. Also, when the police come to your house asking questions, you act cool, not yelling and acting like a lunatic. He tried drugging the police, and I don't know how they do things in Germany, but if the police come asking questions; somebody would know where they are.
In the end, it didn't leave room for a sequel. As a whole, it didn't have much gore factor going. It was more disturbing than anything, and it wasn't suspenseful. In the middle of the movie it slowed down considerably, and I wondered what more could he do.
It was entertaining and fresh and worth watching. Who knows this movie may be the next cult classic.