Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 has been a year of changes, both personal and professional. No, I wasn't published, but I have honed my craft. I wrote four short stories that I feel are noteworthy, "Ten Thousand Souls and The Legend Of Hell Crow," being the best of the lot, both good in different ways, and both inspired by paintings or illustrations by "Nick Rose."

I have something in the works that I won't mention until it's a done deal. I'm nearly finished with my novel "The Bone Extractor," which is a work in progress. As a writer, it's so easy to get distracted and start something completely different. Working full-time, what choice do I have, and working the night shift is even harder.

I have a set of characters I'm developing for a new novel that I hope will surprise you. Not the right crime fighting duel one would expect, but they are more interesting than any I have seen. I'm starting to feel like I'm in my writing zone.

I have noticed the number "11" showing up everywhere the last si
x months and I feel it's a sign. I think 2011 is going to be an exceptional year, not just for me, but everyone.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flash Fiction Because I Love You

Lady Annabelle woke just as the clock’s bells rang twelve. Reaching for her husband Luther, who she realized was absent when she felt the cold spot beside her. He must have left hours ago, as he had countless times before. Where he went was a mystery to her, but this night, she felt compelled to find out.
Despite the chill, she pulled her feet out of her feather-down comforter, briefly putting a hand to her swollen abdomen. The baby moved within her as Annabelle moved across the floor to retrieve her dressing gown, covering herself.
Moonlight filtered through the nearly transparent curtains, lighting her way. Not even one ember remained within the fireplace. Surly her husband couldn’t have left her, and their unborn child to freeze, she pondered.
Opening the door leading to the hallway, she grabbed a lit candlestick from the table outside. Silent as a tomb that lay outside, no movement, or sound could be heard as she made her way up the great hall. 

Descending the spiral staircase, she walked slowly down, not wanting to hasten and risk losing her footing. Once on the main floor, she heard sounds coming from the spare bedroom in the back. Freezing briefly, when she heard a scream echoing up the corridor. Annabelle wasn’t dissuaded, and continued her way towards the spare bedroom, stopping in front of the door, placed her ear to the door, and listened.
“Hold her down,” Luther said.

Annabelle knew it was Luther's voice, but whom was he talking to she pondered. More screams were heard and she gingerly pushed open the door a crack. Peering inside, Annabelle spotted a woman with long brown hair held to a table by two men with black hooded cloaks, concealing their faces as they had their back towards the door.
Luther was wearing a black cloak and hood also, and she could see him clearly, a green amulet dangled from his neck. Eleven black candles of different shapes and sizes adorned the room, all lit. 
The woman continued to struggle as Annabelle saw a jeweled dagger held in Luther’s hand, raised above the woman’s breast.
“Dark master, please accept this sacrifice as a sign to know we serve only you,” Luther said. 
Suddenly, Luther dropped his hand, stabbing the woman in the chest. Screams filled the room, and it took a moment before Annabelle realize it came from her. Annabelle froze with fear as Luther and two men she didn’t know, gazed at her.
“Annabelle what are you doing here?” Luther bellowed.

She ran from the doorway and made her way to the great door leading outside. Pulling it open, she ran into the night. Gasping as the cold air gripped her. She ran through the cemetery and slipped through the hole in the fence.
“Annabelle, come back here,” she heard Luther yelling.

She continued to make her way across the frozen grass. Her heart pounded, and the baby kicked, urging her on, and all she could think about is how easy it was for Luther to kill that woman, and she knew he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her; now that she knew his secret.
She stopped, standing at the edge of the cliff, hearing the roar of the sea, crashing on the rocks below. Turning she saw Luther running towards her. Looking back down the cliff, she knew what she had to do, the only thing she could do. Annabelle stepped off the edge of the cliff.
“No,” Luther screamed! 

He lunged forward, and grabbed her hands before she fell, and breaking one free, she clawed at his face. He let go, but before she fell, she grabbed his amulet, breaking it from his neck, and held it tightly in her hand as she fell.

The Legend Of Hell Crow

Here is a sampling of an epilogue for my story, "Hell Crow," to date this is my best story I have written.

“Sarah, I just want to look at the book.”
“Find your own damn book, this one is mine.”
“Fine language for a five-year-old; your mother would be shocked.”
“Where do you think I learned it from?” Sarah stood rosy cheeks in all as if daring Bobby Sue to attempt to touch the book again. 

The Legend Of Hell Crow is based on a painting by Nick Rose. He wants me to work on a collection of short stories, inspired by his paintings, that we'll publish ourselves. 

I haven't given up on publishing, and will continue to write no matter the outcome.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is it December already? Time to make gaming companies more money than ever. I should know as I have made my own investments. 

My children have given me a list of the games they want for Christmas. Red Dead Redemption seems to have taken Call Of Duty's glory. My children love the Cabela's games, (Dangerous Hunts, Legendary Adventures) For those not familiar with those games, they are hunting games. If your not keen on Hunting animals for sport, you can always choose, Cabela's African Safari, you use darts to capture endangered animals, and if you use a bullet, and kill the animal, you lose.

All of these games are rated mature or teen, and as parents, we struggle with what is the right to thing to do for our children. They rated Cabela's as Teen, blood, and violence, but it doesn't look like real blood. I think they need to look at the way games are rated. Many of Sonic games use guns, but yet, are not rated harshly.

Game systems are getting more expensive than ever, and everyone is rushing to purchase the latest gadget. I pad, I pod, I don't know? At first, WII seemed to have taken them all by surprise, but now with Playstation move and XBox kinect, the playing field is wide open. Competition is a great thing, and it's giving us more advance gadgets, not all which are great, but it's a beginning.

I want to wish everyone a fabulous
 holiday season.