Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Caregiver

I'm here not because I want to, but because I need to be. 
I will hang my head sullenly, but only for  a moment.
But that won't last.
I'll pick up my head, and although I may not smile at the time.
Know that I will in time.
Perhaps I'll look at your name on the door and wonder where you've gone.
And if you are, I may frown a bit more.
I'll put a smile on my face as the game time is at hand.
You'll feel my hands, my caring hands tenderly care for you.
You may share your stories, and I will take time to listen to them.
I may sit at your bedside too.
I will forget all negativity that I was forced to endure before I came here.
And spent a few extra moments with you.
While I may not be able to make you whole again.
I will care for you until you're gone.
With a smile on my face.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I worked on chapter 23 rewrites all day, that was the plan. Having a plan is a great way to start the day, and half way into my day I found myself juggling more than a circus clown. I did work on my rewrites and editing, but that was between answering all my email.

I had chapter edits coming in from my editor Barbara that I had been waiting for since last week, but she was too busy, and me, I worked 50 hours last week. Today was as perfect day to handle that for both of us. She is past amazing and I'm happy to have found her. 

I have chapters 20, 21, and 22 back and perfectly inserted into the right places without screwing up (I even remembered to save this time). For those of you that don't follow me on a regular basis. I send my editor one chapter at a time, and even she doesn't know what is going to happen next. I love it. I have a captivated reader already.

I have a 15 page chapter looming ahead, and I still think I'm missing a body. I need to decide if I want to break that up into two chapters, but I think there is a lot going on in those 15 pages, so I might keep them as is. You do need to stick to your original framework and there is no room for major changes, rewriting yes, but not whole changes. 

I wrote about an old dog today in chapter 23 that reminded me of an old dog I saw before. I drove down a country road on my way to work when I was younger, and every day I drove past this farm. There was nothing remarkable about it really, but there was an old dog, possibly a lab that was old as hell. Everyday I watched him hop around on three legs (he was that old) and sometimes he would just be laying on the grass in front of the house, panting heavily. Poor tired old dog. I wrote about him today and I wonder. Does every farm have some old dog watching over its owners? He can barely move, but yet he does, something to think about. 

You may get older, but you should never give up. When I'm taken out of this world. I won't go easily. I'll go kicking screaming and fighting to the end. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Editing updates

It's great when someone likes something you write that you don't. Maybe as the writer I expect more of myself. I want every chapter to be the best. I have a great editor that I can't thank enough, she makes everything I write sound a bit better without changing my voice. You'll know it's me telling the story, and yes you'll wonder (what is wrong with her). 

I love writing thrillers and I can't see myself ever writing anything else. My killer may be more horrific in nature than most, but I have always loved horror. It's fun and exciting and I hope a real page turner (if ever given the chance to have it published). 

The Bone Extractor is an idea that I collaborated with my fiancee Nick Rose. I ask him sometimes for input but seldom use it past the original idea. My already disturbed mind kicked into high gear here and I think many of you may be surprised by the end result.

I have been rewriting most of my chapters and filling in holes as I go, and so far I'm satisfied with the original foundation, it's from there that I have been building from. I wrote an amazing book that is chocked full of twists. It will keep you guessing and I'm far from finished. I'm giving just enough details to keep it interesting until the end. Predictability is one thing you won't find.

Creating flawed characters is an easy thing to do as I also am flawed beyond repair. I have seen firsthand the worst in human nature and at this point nothing people do would surprise me. Maybe I was born to be a writer or maybe I'm a writer to because of what I have experienced. Lucky for me I haven't had any of the experiences my character will endure.

There are no accidents and everything does happens for a reason.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madison's take on the news in Mid-Michigan

You're busted now

Remember the days of your youth when you hid the the playboy magazines under your mattress and prayed your mother never found out.

Today is much different as you only need to make a few clicks online and see all the pornographic images you want. (a scary thing for any parent).

(Caution this may come with a lovely Trojan virus)

Nothing says I love you mom as your children crashing your computer.

What if you had a way to check up on your children. Would you do it? They have already learned how to clear the history.

What if it wasn't your child that was doing the porn searches, but your spouse or significant other, would you want to know. I stress if you're in a relationship this may not be the best road to go down. First you should be able to trust your partner, and unless he gives you a reason to doubt his undying love - I can't stress it enough, don't check up on him.

Women often go ballistic over their man looking at porn online. Personally mine can do it all day long, and masturbate afterward and I wouldn't give a hoot. (He'd have to this between naps though)

I'd be more concerned with late night phone calls and text messages, but that is a whole other can of worms.

My point is you shouldn't feel the need to check up on your partner, and if you do so, it may result in a strained relationship (or the end of it).

They have a device called the porn stick, it's is an usb devise that scans computer files for pornographic images. Here's the kicker, (even deleted ones). It's similar to the one police use to scan someone's computer for child porn. What it won't reveal is videos.

A Bomb sniffing dog is being bought by the Genesse County Sheriff's Department as their last dog died last October. The problem is the cost of training him is $11,000 which is a huge amount of money. They could put another deputy back to work with that money. These are troubled times and it would be good to have one. (If you have ever been to Flint, you'd know that would be the last place you'd think someone would want to bomb) but you never know, as we do have the Michigan Militia.

Man is in critical condition after his own tractor runs over him. Truly a very sad story indeed, but it is being investigated because he was standing next to the tractor at the time. His tractor somehow slipped into gear. How does that happen?? Perhaps he didn't have it put into gear properly, but this story is very puzzling.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Facebook is at it again

This shouldn't be a news flash as once again our privacy is being violated yet again by Facebook. They are going ahead with plans to share our phone numbers and address with 3rd parties. Something to think about for those of us playing Farmville and other games on Facebook, considered apps.

They sent a letter to Congress informing of their plans, read about it here . Apparently when we joined Facebook we did so losing all our rights to our privacy. 

If you truly want to protect your privacy don't put it on Facebook. Don't give them your address phone number or birthdate.

There is no such thing as a free social network. There is money to be made and Facebook is selling our information, but at what price. I see people on Facebook under the age of eighteen giving the whole world their cell phone number (I should know my niece is one of them). What about them, don't they count. Forget about trying to warning them because it's a waste of time. What reason is there to give a social network that kind of information, and how dare they consider giving it to a 3rd party. 

Perhaps Facebook has gotten to big for its britches.