Sunday, February 27, 2011


Let me first start and tell you I'm working hard on my edits, which include rewriting. I flew through the first seven chapters rather easily, and that should have been a warning of things to come. Obviously I had gone through them before, although minimally.

In chapter nine, I hit a brick wall, and I know it will take all my energy from here out. Someone is helping me, and I won't send her anything unless I have done all I can to make both the story and editing as good as I possible. Not an easy task it would seem. I'm not sure to what extent she'll help me, but I appreciate her efforts very much.

She had a great idea to make my chapters better, and it's a formula that I will use in all my future novels. I thought it might be a great idea to give you some incite into some of my characters. would you like to meet him? Next blog I will feature an in depth look at one of my main character, but it will only be a look and not a tell all.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ripped from the headlines Mid-Michigan

I'm allowed to read the local news online at work in increments of ten minutes, but only thirty minutes allowed per shift, and this is what I have learned.

Two teenagers were taken into custody at a local high school. Can anyone say girl fight? Why exactly were they taken into custody if they don't plan on pressing charges. If we were talking about adults, there would be charges filed. This is the same high school that had all the kids in the district sent home because of threats made on Facebook, and resulted in them using metal detectors.

Chucky E Cheese is now having a deputy added, in addition, to their security. This is Chuck E Cheese we're talking about. Shots have been fired outside in the parking lot last year. What kind of shit is that? I know for a fact there are older kids causing all the problems. Maybe they should require parental supervision as they do in some malls. Can't kids go there to have fun anymore. They serve beer there. SInce when?

Man is sentenced to breaking and entering and stealing panties. He is sentenced to a year in jail for stealing panties?? In my opinion, it's most likely for his scuffle with the police when they found him without pants on, (with the stolen panties). Personally I think he should be forced to wear the stolen panties in jail, that is what I'd call justice.

Wife told husband she lost keys, most likely in a dumpster. Man crawls inside a dumpster, to look for said keys, and realizes he can't crawl out (it's a commercial dumpster). He calls the fire department to rescue him?? WTF! She probably made up the story to see if he'd be stupid enough to crawl inside the dumpster, that's what I'd do. As if the fire department has time for that what with budget cuts and layoffs. I hope he had to pay them.

There you go folks, you can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Darkness is welcoming as a blanket on a cold night, enveloping the city. Now is not the time to be caught, as the cries of the forgotten can already be heard. They remain hidden in the daylight, and the Sunshine Children knew it allowed them only a brief respite. The Sunshine Children took cover just as the last ray of the sunset evaporates. 

Lost to the daylight, the Forgotten rise and extract themselves from the cracks and crevices that once offered them shelter, no longer able to exist as day dwellers, and forced to recede into the night. 

Lost to all they knew, forgotten forever, and considered to be monsters, although they still look human. 

The sunshine children’s numbers decrease as the forgotten’s numbers increase, soon they will outnumber them. 

Savannah’s journey had begun long ago. How long exactly she couldn’t remember exactly as her memory of her past began to fade away with the wind it would seem. 

She vaguely recalled, following her friend Vincent through the maze at the Willows; a place where shrubs had grown so tall one couldn’t clearly know their position, once walking in. 

She chased him through to the other side, peeked out, and saw a group of five men. The way they were bobbing, she knew they were the (forgotten), a massive flu outbreak had mutated, or so her teacher told her, and began to change people into monsters overnight. They craved human brains, and then human flesh as brains were hard to come by. 

Doctors developed a vaccine for the flu, but it couldn’t help the thousands already infected. If bit by one of the forgotten, one became infected themselves, and became an eating machine capable of reducing the sunshine children's population.  

Turning to hide, Savannah stepped between two trees, and she saw Vincent, his head tilted toward the ground.

“Vincent,” Savannah whispered. “We must leave this place.” 

He looked up at her, but she couldn’t see his eyes as it had begun to get dark, too dark to be outside with the forgotten lurking so close. Suddenly he darted off, and she followed him through the maze of tall shrubs.  

Savannah began to feel frightened as Vincent seemed to be leading her in circles. Stopping as she heard the sound she dreaded, the sound nobody wanted close to them. Although the forgotten couldn't speak, they moaned horribly. One never knew if they did so for a reason or if they simply wanted to instill fear within them.

A light appeared from the other side of the shrubs, and she ran towards it. Vincent stood waiting for her, and five of the forgotten stood directly ahead of her. She tried to dart away, but Vincent stuck his foot out and she tripped, and she fell onto the ground.

“I’m so sorry Savannah,” Vincent whispered to her as he bit into the back of her neck.

She couldn’t remember anything for a long time afterward, couldn’t remember the pain after Vincent took the initial bite.

She remembered going home. She hobbled as all of the forgotten do, her yellow dress now blood stained. Putting a hand to her head, she felt her once straight blond hair knotted as if it were a rats nest. 

Her stomach began to rumble and tighten with what could only be described as incredible hunger, not for chocolate or potato chips, but flesh, human flesh. 

She knew exactly where to find it too. She stumbled home and quietly entered the apartment building she lived with her mother. She didn’t need to be buzzed in as the door stood ajar. Papers littered the hallway and stairs, and Savannah made her way up the steps carefully. Not a sound could be heard, and Savanna wondered if anyone remained.

The pain in her stomach moved her forward as she couldn't stand it anymore, and she couldn’t remember craving anything as much as this. 

Please be home, please don’t let me be too late. 

Reaching her apartment door, she glanced up at the door, focusing on the lock, and reaching into the pocket of her dress she pulled out a key. Pushing it into the lock, she turned it.


It sounded so loud and seemed to echo down the corridor, steps, and into the streets below. Savannah opened the door a crack and peered inside. Not seeing her mother she began to panic. 

Did she not wonder where I am or did she not care?

Looking around the apartment, she noticed it looked the same when last she saw it. The clean dishes were draining on the rack in the kitchen, and running her hand along the leather couch; she realized it's free of dust. 

Smiling, she padding across the wood floor, not making a sound. Her mother’s door stood open, and she lay on her side turned away from the door, her dark hair splayed across her pillow, used tissues surrounding her.

Savannah waited in anticipation, watching her mother’s body for a sign of movement. She held her breath, and her eyes locked into position. Waiting for any sign of life, and finally, she saw her mother take a deep breath.

Her stomach hurt so much that she could barely stand it, and she barely made it to the bed. Savannah crawled onto the bed, but her mother still didn’t move.  

“What are you waiting for Savannah?” Turning towards Savannah, her mother began to cry. “I’m so happy to see you baby, despite your condition. Does it hurt horribly.”

“My stomach hurts so bad mommy, please make it stop.”

Tears began to spill out of Fiona’s eyes. “I know you cannot cry so I will cry for you. I just want to know how bad it will hurt when you bite me?”

“You will only feel the first bite, after that you won’t ever feel again. When you awaken, the only pain you will feel is hunger, and it will make you do things that you never thought you could. You won’t care how you have to do it or who you do it to, but you must feed.” 

“I’m your mother, and I cannot let my baby starve, feed on me.”

Not waiting another moment as they seemed endless to Savannah, she bit into her mother’s head. 

She knew she shouldn‘t think this, as this is her mother, but her brains tasted so GOOD! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Obsession of the dead

Hameed strolled through the stone pathway, rounding every twist and turn with ease, and without worry.

Makito's streets are still made of stone, one of the reasons it still exists today. High walls surround the pathway, and a metal grate covers the top. 

Glancing up Hameed saw the full moon overhead, steaming light down to him. Faces begin to block out the light, and already he hears their cries. He knew there was no way they could get inside because the grate is checked carefully every morning. 

Makito made plans well in the future, before the virus spread here. Hameed himself helped to make careful plans, but when his friend Felicity became sick, things took a strange turn. He didn't feel repulsion. Pure lust consumed him, and he visited her every night to satisfy his sick cravings, and believe me (there were many). 

Their growing love blossomed, and he felt alive, more alive than he had in years. She never tried to bite him, and her moist lip's and tongue pleasured him in ways he had never dreamed possible before.

Her father became enraged when he discovered their sick union, and while Hameed left the security of the gated community of Makito - her father waited with a pack of zombies. Not like the others, they were bent of destroying what happiness any zombie found, and poor Felicity's face became unglued (Hameed had worked so hard to restore her) and her skull began to be exposed.

Hameed had been beside himself with sorrow to see his beloved so disfigured that he sought out a surgeon to restore her, but when her eye ball popped out, it became pointless really. The last time he saw her sad face, she was walking towards Cliff's Bluff. 

Being chased by the zombies became a nightly ritual for him now as a door opened inside of him that couldn't be so easily closed. He searched every night for a fresh zombie. One who wouldn't bite, one who liked his sick obsession. He was cast out of  Makito (as you could well imagine), but he knew the way in, and he hid on the pathway every night. 

There's a price on Hameed's head, and as you can well imagine, that means more to zombie than anything. Forget about the money, they'd eat his brains for free.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

You know you're screwed when??

That walk in the park seemed like a great idea at the time, but looking across the glistening grass, you're not so sure anymore.

Four shadows come into view, and you wonder. Why are they staring at you, do they know you or are they hungry?

Not being able to tell a friend from foe is a problem for you, and you're overly cautious.

From across the park it's hard to tell, and you begin to feel uneasy (you know it's not the Indian food). 

Stepping back, you observe the following things.

1. The figures always seem to stay in the shadows (strange as one would think that would be the last place you'd want to be).

2. It's early evening and should you even be outside at this hour (memories of your mother come to mind).

3. As you walk the group seems to keep in step with you (still keeping to the shadows).

4. Your friends that accompanied you have all left (cowards).

5. Your dog begins to growl until the group growls back (he runs off like a little bitch).

6. You hasten your pace, and the group begins sprinting toward you (dammit this sucks).

7. You run down an alley, though an open door, and into the back of store, climbing down a ladder. You now find yourself in the sewer (still you can hear the pounding of feet, right above you).

8. Wading into the sewer you find yourself surrounded with decaying corpses, and suddenly you notice they begin to open  their eyes. (that feeling is coming back).

9. You are walking through the water trying to escape, when suddenly you look above you see the zombies pressed against the glass, trying to claw their way in, (but you're not ready to give up yet).

10. By the time you reach the end of the tunnel you're wading in, you realize with certainty (you are totally screwed)!