Saturday, January 25, 2014

Agnes Barton makes a splash as a USA Today Bestseller

When I go back to the beginning of my writing career, I'd never have dreamt that any book I'd write would soar this high. Armed and Outrageous was first devised in 2010, but I never got around to finishing it until 2011 as I was writing a thriller at the time. That thriller never made the cut. I focused on Armed and Outrageous as it had the most potential. It was published May of 2012 and over a year later found it's way to the bestsellers list. While it never made it to the USA Today Bestsellers list until October of 2013, it has been an Amazon bestseller since June of 2013, where it remains today alongside all of the other books in the series, in both the cozy mystery and humor categories.

Funny thing was I never knew it made it to USA Today and was only told about it last Wednesday, but by Thursday, Grannies, Guns and Ghosts made the USA Today Bestsellers list at number 101.

If I can say anything about everything that's happened to me the last year, it's that dreams are possible. I have made them my reality.