Monday, August 30, 2010

Too Young To Die

How do parents decide to allow their child to participate in dangerous sports? There are children climbing mountains, sailing around the world and as we see today, dying on an Indianapolis track.

I know parents that have all of their kids into motor cross, as young as four. They rationalize it, "they 
enjoy it" but with the same breath, she said one of her sons needed to push himself to be more competitive.

Push himself? We're not talking about 
school here, but a dangerous sport that they could be seriously injured or worst.

Someone at work told me her daughter was learning to fly, and 
she's thirteen. It will take her two to three years for her to get her license. She is proud of her and rightly so, she should be, but I didn't hear the same tone from her.

How young is too young to die? I often wonder why kids just 
can't be kids anymore.

Schools are pushing children harder and harder. Their expectations are high, and 
it's no wonder schools are failing the grade. Not all children learn at the same level, and some take longer. It took my son to the end of last year for them to test him for speech, and get him help with his motor skills.
Who is truly failing? Be proactive, and help your children every way possible. Including speaking to his teacher if you don't agree with how your child is doing in school. There are many excellent teachers, but there are also bad ones.

Listen to your children because they are trying to tell us something, if only we took the time to listen. I talked to my son's teacher every time he told me he was blamed for something he 
didn't do. Being shy, he had a problem telling the teacher himself. She listened and came up with solutions that worked and were helpful.
Daylight casts a bright glow evaporating the remaining darkness
Gone are the dark shadows that have threatened me throughout the night
Warmth spreads over my body where only cold existed before
Dread is gone and sunshine rules this place now

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Darkness descends across the dry, barren land that once flourished.
Daylight is lost, as the mighty winds come and take what remains of your shattered life.

Feeling lost to all you have known becomes normal to you now; as we 
look all the same now.

God has forsaken us and enacted his revenge onto the earth once more.

True wrath of god events unfold without warning--as the dust takes all your hope, and spirit with it.

Have we done something to deserve this act or has our ancestors betrayed us long ago?

Selling our future so they could flourish in theirs.
Still you have faith because it is all you have left.

Is that the truth, or will things happen as they 
were meant to all along?

Higher powers are there because we must think of something more powerful than ourselves.

Still, it is only by our 
hand that change can happen.Faith cannot restore your limbs again without you moving them.

Take cover and wait until this storm has passed, only then will we 
learn and rebuild.

Faith cannot do this, we, 
mankind will do it, and only by reuniting together can this be accomplished.

My week in review

Nick has been sick for four days before I took him to the hospital, and he found out his potassium level was too high. They gave him a sugar shot followed by insulin, and I won't mention what other horrors they made him endure when he stayed overnight at the hospital.

When I visited him that same night he made a 100% turn around. He 
was released yesterday but had a flare-up of colitis this morning.

So my week so far has been a combination of worries, 
stress and not enough sleep. I managed to get sleep when I was able. I need more days off in a row; one just doesn't cut it. Tonight I'm off again, but only for one night.

being challenged, and I'm struggling to keep my head up. If only those patients at work would stop preaching to me. I can't tell them how full of crap they truly are. Like proper Christians, they judge me as if they know me or my backgroundIt's the answer to their problems not mine.

I just want to do my job and go home in peace. Is that too much to ask for?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is your favorite genre?

What is your favorite genre isn't a simple answer for most. Depending on where you have been in your life, some appeal to you more than others.

Horror is struggling to become mainstream. If you aren't Stephen King you will be struggling to be recognized by mainstream publishers. I for one can't read a Stephen King novel, it become tiresome and boring. Waiting for something to happen takes too long to hold my interest.

I want to be hooked from the first paragraph or at least intrigued enough to continue.

Romance does good even in these hard times. Everyone needs a little hope and a solid connection between two characters.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Starting where I left off

Finally, I have more time on my hands, and I'm spending it going through my documents. I have ten stories started, but not finished. Bone Extractor is my darkest one by far, and at 37,000 words, it would be a good place to start. I'm taking a second look, and before I begin, I need to remove my missteps. It will be amusing to see how many words will remain.

I started a Zombie story of all things if you can 
believe that. It will be interesting to see how it will evolve. This is going to be a short story as if that's an easier task. Some people say getting a short story published is hard. I think that's the case with every story.

I want to write a story that flows like poetry with words you 
don't have to look up in the dictionary. I think I can achieve that, by the very least I think I'm on the verge of a huge break-through with my writing.

I hope in the meantime I hope I 
keep you entertained with my blogs. I consider some of them to be quite amusing. As for this week, I'll try not to ruffle any feathers, and if I do I hope you don't fly too far away as I have so enjoyed your company.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spiritual Awakening

I have reached a spiritual awakening, and it has lured me into thinking differently. I already have a high level of intuition guiding me to seek more. There is a higher power, but what I seek is inner peace.

Things without question, are connected, and nothing is accidental. Focusing on creating inner peace is more 
important than you think. If you are at peace with yourself, things will become so in your life.

Like putting 
chain links together, you see how each link is essential to the completion of the chain. So as in life, everything is essential, even the missteps and mistakes.

Imagine your own idyllic 
paradise in the forest. Focus on the trees. How tall are they? Is the sun out or do you stand in the slowly fading sunlight? Imagine in your mind, you are there.

paradise consists of towering oak trees, the leaves nearly blocking out the sunlight, as a waterfall descends from the cliff far above, falling into the pool below. I long to wade in, feeling the cool water as a hawk perches on a rock watching with fascination.

I feel at 
peace already, and I feel ready to start this new chapter in my life.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins


What are the seven deadly sins and why have religious leaders clung to them? 

In no way am I intending to put down the freedom of religion and in some way there needs to be some check and balance. Religious leaders of the past came up with them as a way to keep followers in line. They are not centrally in the bible, they have taken brief passages and made them into what most of us recognize today.

Feeling and taking pride in yourself and your abilities. Self esteem is by far
the best quality to have as a person, and I don’t understand how that could 
possibly get in the way of your religious beliefs. Would god not want you to 
feel good about everything he has placed before you?  
Wanting to look like you, writer of that best selling novel, your social status, 
your bank account, your fame. We all have wished at some point we had 
something someone else has. Doesn’t seem like a sin, but it probably isn’t healthy.

Consuming more than you need. Eating far more than you physically need, committing more deadly sins than you can handle. Remember you are supposed to be a vessel and over-consumption of anything can be a grave sin.

To be so consumed with anger and hatred that you think or act on it. I think we all have committed this sin in a rash moment, but most of us stop ourselves from enacting wrath. 
Can you be angry and still feel love? This deadly sin is about the absence of love, only anger. Most of us have pulled in gluttony--we consume far more alcohol than we need.
This deadly sin contradicts god in my opinion. He has unleashed wrath upon the earth and people countless times. Maybe why the religious leader took wrath out as a deadly sin. The church has unleashed wrath upon heretics in the past too. Maybe they needed to be a better role model.

Desiring material wealth and gain. Wanting to make more money and revel in it. I have committed this sin too. I have gone out of my way to make more money, two jobs, and I felt great having a huge bank account if only for a moment. The problem with this deadly sin is that it further leads you far from the grace of god, but we do need money to live do we not. This could also go under the gluttony category.

Going out of your way to avoid physically exerting yourself, working or doing work at the church. I think most of us have committed this grave sin. Most us may go to church, but what else have you done for your church. I suppose going to church is all most of us think we need to do. I know I too have avoided working sometimes. I have sat at home practicing gluttony.

Drumroll please. Lust can be brought into every deadly sin. Religious leaders of the past and now have consumed themselves with this deadly sin. Detailing how exactly they needed to keep their followers from committing this deadliest of sins. Puritans that first came to the new world whipped and made adulterers wear the scarlet letter A on their clothing. Lust brings every other deadly sin into play and if you commit this one you have committed all the rest. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Locked away from everything I once held dear, as only strangers surround me now; containing me in my solitary cell. Visions of people I once knew appear before my eyes. Closing them against the images, locked away inside my shattered mind. I struggling to remember how I became such a monster. Was it such a horrible crime to be free? The axe swung freely, and I became a legend. No crime goes unpunished they say, and as I sit looking out my bedroom window, I smile.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silent Death

My bed feels like a frigid tomb in which I lay as a bloodcurdling scream echoes from down the corridor. 
Clutching my wool blanket tightly my knuckles whiten, barely visible from the glow of the candlelight, in the corner of the room. 

I close my eyes expecting at any moment that it will come for me too. Slowly the flame of the candle descends as I hold my breath waiting. 

Rising high a shadow came into my room and stole my breath. I too now hunt for you to join us in our misery. How quickly you forget and think you are safe, a useless task as we wait for darkness, and we will strike without warning--just as he had.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Before this blog is posted, I will add the adult content warning. I have tried to keep things clean and still will, but there are simply some content you need to get out.

When was the last time you watched an infomercial? Maybe 
it's the fact that I work 3rd shift, and I can't help but watch the infomercials on that late. There use to be the 1-900 ads, but they have gone far beyond that.

I have noticed at 3 A.M. to 5 A.M. there are the following informercials. Forget the 
cosmetic, financial advice and so on. I'm talking about the male enhancement commercials.
I have been in a resident's room, and the TV was on. didn't turn it on, and I think earlier it's the same channel that baseball games in our area are on. We laugh, and believe me it was the resident that pointed it out to me. Every day, the same informercials, are on, "including testimonials" and I wonder if the people in them are ever recognized on the street. I can image the snickers at that. "I saw you on the informercial, and I'm sorry to hear you are having. . . problems."

point is--if you aren't getting any by 3-5 A.M. you aren't getting any! That being said; I hope you all have and amazing Friday!

Smiles :) Madison