Friday, July 9, 2010

Fresh hatch

Nightmares can sometimes find you when you're awake. This is a true account told to me. Names have been withheld to protect their identify. I have never heard an account as good as this, and I had to retell it.

fear is hidden deep within all of us lying dormant until an event so horrific it rips out of you.

We all have 
sung the song the itsy bitsy spider as children. Placing our hands up, and walking the invisible spider up the imaginary water spout, before washing him back down. Harmless right.

Awaking one day my friend started getting dressed for work. She g
lanced at the walls and saw there were spiders crawling up the walls, and glancing up at the ceiling she saw they were everywhere. Tiny white spiders, hundreds of them, walking on the ceiling in clusters. All walking together, appearing as marauding soldiers ready to take over the abode, ready to claim it for themselves.

Freaking out she killed as many as they could, but was unable to reach the ones on the ceiling. Imagining in 
horror how they probably had crawled all over her while she slept. She wasn't able to figure out where they were coming from, but she had to leave her apartment so as not to be late for work, and when she returned home in the morning...

It was a hundred times worst. They were everywhere throughout her apartment. In the kitchen, on her toaster, and her kitten was freaking out. Apparently not a 
notorious spider killer like mine.

I told her the best bet was to 
bomb the place. Which she did after gathering up some items, and booking a hotel room for two days, with her kitten in tow. She came home the next day, and pushed her hand across her counter pushing hundreds of dead spiders to the floor. She used eight bug bombs in two days to rid her of the pestilence. Her landlord refused to pay her back for the hotel room. Telling her it was her choice to do that, but what would you do?

The lady at the 
store told her white spiders were, fresh hatches. So I ask you, how would you of handled it? 

Just telling this tale makes my head itch. Nick claims after I told him the story and left, a spider webbed down in front of his computer as if to say. (You're next)

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