Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Writing is an investment: an investment in time and money.

I have spent the last four years writing in my spare time. Started and finished three novels and short stories that nobody wanted to buy. I have been rejected by agents and publishers alike. 

In four years time I have been on Facebook building a fan base. It took me three years to reach 5,000 friends, while it has taken me six months to reach 2,000 followers on Twitter. I tried to play by the rules on Facebook, and I cannot understand why Facebook is making it so hard for people to add friends lately. 

Yes, it's been an uphill battle all the way. I have worked hard trying to both build a fan base, and be a mom to my children. I have worked the nightshift the past three years, and I have learned to be a walking talking zombie. By morning I certainly feel like one. My eyes burn and water daily. I have insomnia. On many occasions I crawled to my computer and wrote what I could when I could. Four years of hard work.

I have congratulated fellow writers as they were published. I watched and listened to their advice. I kept thinking one day, that will be me too. How could I know at the time I'd take a much different path. 

When I decided to become an independant author it wasn't without any misgivings, but I needed to do what I felt was best. Problem was that I didn't have any money in which to finance my books. Plus I hadn't written "that book" yet. Armed and Outrageous is that book.

I wrote what I know, and I know senior citizens very well. Armed and Outrageous took me two months to write, and another ten months to edit and revise. 

I hired and worked with an editor, but somehow I knew my book needed that extra pair of eyes, and in February, I had the resources to hire yet another editor. My editor and I revised and revised some more, and together we molded my book into a great book that I'm completely satisfied with. This is pride of job well done. 

Always be proud of what you have achieved. 

I knew all along I should hire a proofreader. I read tons and tons of blogs. The general consensus is that indie writers write crap, right? You need to hire the editor and proofreader. I'm also hiring a formatter to format my print edition of my book. I can't let anything stand to chance.

In my acknowledgment page I'm thanking all of my Facebook friends. If not for my friends on Facebook, I'd never be sitting here blogging, writing, or publishing anything. You have all given me the support that I have needed, and I try to do the same for other writers as well. I was once one of you just typing out those first words. 

Never begrudge other writers, they are your "support system." There is so much information out there all you have to do is seek it out. Market research is essential. If you want to self publish, why not handle it like a professional.

Invest in yourself today!  

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