Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sample Sunday ~ Redneck Romance

Redneck Romance is my first try at straight romance. Please give me feedback on what you think about my opening chapter. Thanks. :)

I played with the knob of my car radio, trying to get in something besides religious sermons. Sure this is the bible belt, but really, I'm not that much of a holy roller. I had plenty of Lady Gaga on my IPod, but the battery died days ago, and I never really got around to recharging it. I'm not what you'd call a detail oriented girl.

When I looked up, I was barreling down on a wide-eyed hiker. I yanked my steering wheel sharply to the right, barely missing a him. I looked in my mirror in time to catch his appreciation. He flipped me two birds, and I cringed when I saw the contents of his backpack scatter across the road. Can’t blame the fellow really, I did practically run him down like a dog.

My eyes shifted toward the scenery, nothing but trees for miles and miles. At least the road was paved, otherwise, I would have felt completely lost. The trees were quite lovely with all the orange, red, and yellow leaves. I passed an occasional hiker, but they became few and far in between. I should try not to kill the next one I pass. Not that I had tried to run down a hiker on purpose. 

My cell vibrated in the pocket of my jeans, and I wiggled it out without managing to move out of lane and answered it.


"Kelly, if this is some kind of joke or prank to get back at me for not spoiling you more as I child, I don't appreciate it."

"Mom what are you talking about?" 

"I have a whole shindig planned for my birthday, and you aren't even going to be here."

Always the same guilt trip. 

"Mom I told you, I was going out of town if you listened."

"This from the woman that spent the last six months at my house whining about her ex." She sighed into the phone. "I hope you're not getting back with him."

"No, I have an assignment to take fall pictures."


I really didn't want to answer. "In North Carolina." 

"Please tell me it's not in the wilderness area you were talking about."

I almost cringed when she spoke, "Mom."

"Kelly Gray, I didn't bring you into this world so you can be murdered in the woods or worse."

I felt the urge to pound my head against my steering wheel. "I can take care of myself." Yeah right, if I don't get lost that is.

She laughed. "Do you even know where you are?"

Damn woman knew me too much. "Yes, I'm .... " I rustled the map on the passenger seat. 

"Your lost again, don't try to cover it up."

She continued to ramble on, and I shut my ears to her words. Although, she had a point, but I'd never admit it, not out loud.

"Mom, are you still there?" I pounded my cell on the dash. "I can't hear a word you're saying. I think the phone battery is dead."

"Don't you dare h-h-hang u-up."

I pushed the power button. I know I'm going to hell for cutting her off, but I hoped the man upstairs understood. I love my mom, but she's a bit clingy at times. Maybe I was whining a tad about my ex, but I thought a girl could tell her mom anything. Not my mom though, she much preferred to throw it in my face. Lesson learned.


dvora swickle said...

I like this, hummm talking on cell phone while driving you never know what will happen. Then who is the walker on the road, I am wondering does he have a bit part or is there more to it. I like it and reads smoothly. I totally get you on the mom thing but then I grew up and did the same. Like to read more... am liking it. :)

Madison Johns said...

Thanks Dvora, I appreciate your comment. This is my first try at straight romance. I did send the entire first chapter to a few readers and all of them were loving it, so that's encouraging.