Saturday, August 3, 2013

Writers Block and new beginnings

Summer hasn't been the best for me writing wise, but I'm trying to put an end to that. I'm beginning to work on my forth installment of my Agnes Barton mysteries, Trouble in Tawas. It's time for Sheriff Peterson to run for office. What will Agnes do? Will she cause conflict, support the other opponent? Another person from Agnes' past comes into town with a mission in mind. Will Agnes figure out what it is or will she retire? Whatever she plans I'm sure it will involve that meddling partner of hers, Eleanor Mason.

I have a personal plea via the optician I go to. He wants a character named after him, well sort of. Lem McGroovy is that character. Will he be friend of foe or will he be Eleanor's lasted obsession?

I have some great ideas and did I mention that Sheriff Peterson's dad is missing! I'm planning to do my best to both finish this novel and have it published by Christmas!

Wish me luck!
Smiles :)

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Tnt said...

I love the Agnes Barton Books they are so funny.