Monday, May 26, 2014

Agnes Barton rises

Eleanor and I have been holed in a cabin in East Tawas. Our last adventure was finding Bigfoot, and ever since, we've been hounded by the press wanting the skinny on the "real" story. I told them of course that they'll just have to buy the book Bigfoot in Tawas as it has the full account. 

Anyway, we've been kept quite contained of late and without one crime to investigate. Sigh, okay so it hasn't been a full month that our latest adventure was out there for the public to digest, but both El and I are itching for another adventure. That is if Madison ever gets around to giving us something juicy to do. One thing I do know is that Agnes Barton will rise again and when she does, you'll be taken my complete surprise. 

Long live our senior sleuth adventures!


My2KneesJunk said...

I have missed these two gals and all the trouble they get into... I'm sure that there is something they can sink their teeth in... and I hope it is soon lol

Karen Stephens said...

I'm reading Haunted Hijinks right now. Pretty good so far. :) I've been slacking lately as I haven't the time till now to start it. Thanks Madison, you are by far my favorite author. And Agnes and El are my favorite sleuths.