Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Release: Ghostly Hijinks

Ghostly Hijinks is now available. In Ghostly Hijinks Agnes and Eleanor head out west to a real ghost town of Silver, Nevada, where they again find themselves in the midst of a mystery. The only difference this time is that it was part of dream Agnes had, one that’s proven to have actual links to Silver. When she finds out a real family has disappeared, Agnes makes it her business to solve the case, despite the interference of several spirits that reside at the legendary Goldberg Hotel. They also work to uncover the truth behind the legend of Leister’s Gold that Agnes is sure the family are looking for if only she can find them before it’s too late.

Driving up Highway 50 through Nevada, said to be the loneliest road in America, sure would make a body nervous. Unless, of course, you’re Agnes Barton, who welcomes the challenge and the chance to check out a real ghost town. But before she even arrives in Silver, Nevada, a mystery has unfolded in the form of a lost little girl, Rebecca, who has become separated from her family who are searching for the elusive Leister’s gold. The real kicker is that Agnes saw it all in a dream, but when they arrive at the Goldberg Hotel & Saloon, she realizes so many things about her dream are real, like the details of the inside of the hotel. It isn’t long before she learns that the hotel is haunted by various spirits from the past, further making for an interesting vacation.

Agnes is determined to find the missing family, insisting that it simply wasn’t just a dream as she learns that a family with a young daughter had indeed disappeared in the middle of the night just before they had arrived. Will Agnes and Eleanor find the missing family before they perish from the elements, or will the knife-wielding spirit called “The Cutter,” shorten their chances?

Note from the author: You can expect the third book in the series in December.

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