Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is it December already? Time to make gaming companies more money than ever. I should know as I have made my own investments. 

My children have given me a list of the games they want for Christmas. Red Dead Redemption seems to have taken Call Of Duty's glory. My children love the Cabela's games, (Dangerous Hunts, Legendary Adventures) For those not familiar with those games, they are hunting games. If your not keen on Hunting animals for sport, you can always choose, Cabela's African Safari, you use darts to capture endangered animals, and if you use a bullet, and kill the animal, you lose.

All of these games are rated mature or teen, and as parents, we struggle with what is the right to thing to do for our children. They rated Cabela's as Teen, blood, and violence, but it doesn't look like real blood. I think they need to look at the way games are rated. Many of Sonic games use guns, but yet, are not rated harshly.

Game systems are getting more expensive than ever, and everyone is rushing to purchase the latest gadget. I pad, I pod, I don't know? At first, WII seemed to have taken them all by surprise, but now with Playstation move and XBox kinect, the playing field is wide open. Competition is a great thing, and it's giving us more advance gadgets, not all which are great, but it's a beginning.

I want to wish everyone a fabulous
 holiday season. 

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