Monday, November 21, 2011

The Bone Extractor Book Trailer

I finally did it, I made a book trailer without it costing me a red cent (whatever in the hell that means).
When Special Agent Matt Hastings arrived at Billy’s Roadhouse in Hail, Iowa, two things were apparent; there is a body in the dumpster devoid of bones that have been extracted with surgical precision and the person that discovered the remains is dead of a shotgun wound to the chest.

An offhand remark to Pathologist Dr. Helen Saint comes back to haunt Matt when she is assigned to work alongside him. He could barely tolerate Helen at the lab, and now her lack of field experience has Matt questioning the motives of his supervisor, Nathaniel Klein. He can’t worry about that now. He won't let anything interfere with his quest, to capture Bonesaw, the killer known as “The Bone Extractor.”

When Dr. Saint becomes Bonesaw’s number one target, the bad blood between the agents and the doctor becomes irrelevant as Matt desperately tries to save this woman who is both a thorn in his side and someone he cannot live without.

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