Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Release Party July 19th

I'm teaming up with Jane Carroll, author of Bertha Size Your Life for a book release party to celebrate the recent releases of our books. We both write about outrageous characters and it's fitting that we join together for this special event. It's both Jane Carroll's and my way of giving out prizes for the attendees. This will be a virtual party in the online conference room over at Master Koda. Dress for the event can be whatever you want. I'm dressing up in old age apparel or my version. I can be as loud as you want or nothing at all, lol. July 19th 7pm EDT click here.


If you crossed Lucy and Oprah and dressed her like Peg Bundy you might just get Bertha…a zany redhead in lime green spandex and high-heels…she’s always up to something…positive that is…as she flings downhome wisdom and perky advice to anyone who will listen. She is frequently found standing on a soapbox or going head to head with the cat. But for all her Pollyanna ways Bertha does have a nemesis…Rita…who can and occasionally does bring her down quicker than a new daddy passes off a baby with a dirty diaper. Bertha is more than a book character…she’s a…character!


72 year-old retiree turned sleuth after the disappearance of her granddaughter and now another young tourist. The widow of a State Trooper, Agnes formerly worked as a private investigator and is no stranger to danger…or love…for that matter…and she certainly finds both without any difficulty…reconnecting with her former boss, Andrew. If Agnes had a motto it just might be…why should I act my age when there’s so much fun to be had?


82 years old but not forgotten…Eleanor is definitely up for adventure and refuses to let Agnes go it alone as she sets out looking for clues. Being plus sized doesn’t squelch Eleanor’s appeal to the gents which lead to altercations with a disgruntled wife or two…but nothing that a pocketbook swung in the right direction can’t handle. Also known to shoot a bad guy in the butt…Eleanor is definitely a force not to be reckoned with!



         Feather boas with a matching canvas bag
     Hot pink jeweled trinket box
     Pink and green balloons and markers
      Mardi Gras mask
     High heeled picture frame thing
     Purse picture frame
      Bertha ink pen with matching note cards
     Pictures of Bertha with flamingo and on the car
     Paperback copies—signed


    Pink purse
    Juicy Couture perfume
      Signed copy of Armed and Outrageous (Proof Copy) Also will be signed by artist. (Grand prize winner).
     Pink lipstick
     Bath and Body works gift set.
  Four $5 Amazon gift cards.
 Another signed copy of Armed and Outrageous, not proof and ebook copies, please specify if you'd prefer Amazon or Nook formats.

Other Free books:
Karen Magill: The Bond and Mystique Rising (The Bond in PDF, ePub or MObi Mystique Rising is in Kindle and I will have to get the person's email addy and then gift it to them)

Raymond Frazee: Captivate and Control

Catrina Taylor: Book one of her series: Birth of an Empire: The Beginning and two related shorts; Surface and Change by Design—to be given as a set or separately—Kim’s call. Catrina can’t be there that night because her brother is getting married the next day.

What She Knew: Kindle version

Ed Griffin: Veto The novel Veto is an ebook, a Kindle book. It's on Amazon. If I find out the winner, I can just email the book, attaching it to an email. I have it in epub and in mobi(kindle) Ed

Beverly Mahone: "Don't Ask and I Won't Have to Lie"

Laura Clark: Music Speaks

Wendy Siefkin: Kai’s Journey…paperback and Kindle…

David Bishop

The Blackmail Club

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tamylee said...

Wonderful! Madison and Jane, Kim and I are looking forward to being at the party!! Woot Woot!!!