Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sample Sunday Redneck Romance

I wrinkled my brow as my Corolla began to jerk. Oh no! I can't be out of gas? I rocked my body toward the wheel and back, as if I could rock the car further than the gas would allow. 

I spotted a truck filled with what I'd call rednecks passing me. They were hooting and hollering like they had just escaped from the law. Their faced dirt covered and hairy, their grimy fingers gripped 12-gauge shotguns.

That's all I needed. To be taken hostage by a bunch of Bubbas. 

I shook my head.

Stop it Kelly, you're losing it.

I could just hear my mom now. "I tried to tell her, but oh no, what does a mother know, right?"

I felt sweaty between my legs but not in a good way. I noticed just ahead there was a gas station. The small oval sign with an emblem of Pegasus looked rusty, but I saw cars parked along the road including the truckload of rednecks.

My car chugged to a stop ten feet from the driveway.

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Jane Carroll said...

Okay...I want more...more...more story please...very good!