Saturday, June 5, 2010

The human centipede

What exactly is a human centipede? I was curious, and I watched the trailer that was too revealing. The German Dr. was creepy enough for me. I read a review that said he wasn't scary, I disagree. I wouldn't have gone into that house! After taking a drink from a completer stranger, they woke up to find themselves tied to hospital beds, and the Dr. killed the man already down there--he didn't match.
The good Dr. worked hard at disposing the body and carrying a new, much younger man inside. He described to them his expertise in separating Siamese twins, and described in full detail what he had in store for them. They would be hooked lips to anus, enough for most of us to cringe.
It had its unbelievable parts. Like how did he get them downstairs if they were all connected, they barely made it upstairs trying to escape. Also, when the police come to your house asking questions, you act cool, not yelling and acting like a lunatic. He tried drugging the police, and I don't know how they do things in Germany, but if the police come asking questions; somebody would know where they are.
In the end, it didn't leave room for a sequel. As a whole, it didn't have much gore factor going. It was more disturbing than anything, and it wasn't suspenseful. In the middle of the movie it slowed down considerably, and I wondered what more could he do.
It was entertaining and fresh and worth watching. Who knows this movie may be the next cult classic.

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