Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Selling your soul to the devil

One of my friends on Facebook posed the question earlier this week. What would you sell your soul to the devil for? Interesting question, I remember someone when I was younger that said. "I would sell my soul to the devil today if it could change my life."

His life changed, but all of our lives changed. I don't think the devil had anything to do with it. Instead, those exact words may come back to haunt you late at night as you try to sleep.

Have you ever had an experience while trying to sleep. Maybe you were asleep, maybe not. You start to fall into a deep sleep only to be feel a pressing weight upon you. Can't breath, wake-up or move a muscle. You fight it as the fear grips you, but you don't allow it to overcome you. Finally, you wake up saying a prayer even though you rarely pray anymore. Sweat beaded on you head, and you try to stay awake, only to fall asleep again having the same feeling.

I know all too well because it has happened to me, more than once. It was only earlier this week I had what seemed to be a nightmare I couldn't wake up from, and yet I couldn't allow it to take me. Now I'm off track.

Point is, what about you would make your soul worthy of the Devil, unless you give birth to the Antichrist's that is. Stop and think about it, who would be worthy enough? I'm 46, and I can't think of one soul worthy enough to be with me for eternity, if I was the Devil I mean.

That would be a story worth telling. Man sells soul to Devil and is booted out of hell. I can think of a number of people I would give a boot to, if I were him. People that think they know everything, I can imagine that could annoy him. I'm the Devil and who do you think you are ordering me around. Telling me I don't know how to run my business. It's not as if he can trust anyone. If there's someone that can't trust anyone, it would be the devil.

If anything I think selling your soul to the devil could only make your life worse, or I could be wrong. I just know I hate the heat. So I will continue to fight my demons, and I hope you can fight yours.

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