Friday, September 3, 2010

Interesting things you hear at the VA Hospital

Another normal day, I think not. It's the interesting things you can hear when in the VA emergency room that makes life interesting.

"Do you have any allergies," the nurse asked? 

"Yes, bullets."

Another nurse responded by dropping all of her paperwork. Might be a 
great place to spend the day just to hear what someone will say.

Nick keeps cracking jokes which only makes it worse. He told the nurse that I made a 
cake I was jumping out of for his birthday. I told him that would scar my children for life. He responded by telling me not if I dressed like Spongebob. The nurse said she didn't think she wanted to know where that was going.

That is Nick's way of dealing with things. He cracks jokes when you would think he should be 
serious. Being as sick as he has, I think having humor about the situation is a good thing. I'm still waiting for life to get back to normal. Maybe things are as normal as they can be, and I should be satisfied with what I have.

I bought Nick a SUV for his birthday: socks, underwear, and Viagra.

Nick, paybacks are a bitch!


Midnyte Reader said...

First I just want to say that I haven't read through your whole blog, but I am sorry to hear that Nick is sick. I will be sending good thoughts.

Second, I used to take my dad to the VA and wow, what a trip. I met some of the craziest and some of the sweetest people there. The conversations I overheard, the bickering these vets did...just amazing. And I had nothing but respect for all of them.

Madison Johns said...

I loved the guy that said he was allergic to bullets, and the nurse's reaction, priceless.

Thank you for your well wishes about Nick. He now is on insulin and is doing much better, and thank you for reading.