Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our basement door is possessed

I have not slept more than fours hours the last two nights. Isn't it strange how when that happens; you begin to see things.

True story. Nick is convinced our townhouse is hauntedIt's not something seen, but what you hear that makes you pause.

My bedroom door is hard to 
open when closed, which it always is when I'm sleeping. When you try to open it you have to pull hard, and it makes enough sound vibrating throughout the townhouse.

Our basement door seems to be possessed. We can be sitting in the living room and watch it open for no reason at all. Today I was talking to Nick in the downstairs bathroom and the basement door creaked open, and I heard the cat meow at the same time.

I searched for her upstairs and downstairs thinking she just came through the door pushing it open. 
Makes sense, right? After going down to the basement the second time to find her, she was there the whole time.

Nick said. "I have been trying to tell you."

He has been in the living room by himself and watched the door open. It creaks when it opens--
not like you can miss that.

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