Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why dreams are better than books

What exactly are dreams supposed to mean? They are better and often more frightening than books could ever be. 

I had a dream I was shot in the chest. I did wake up afterward, but in my dream, it was a movie I was watching.

My most recent dream was about someone who read his own obituary in the paper. I 
couldn't tell you how many people I have warned if you keep reading the obituaries in the newspaper, one day you'll see your own.

In this case, the person was not 
dead and he was pissed. His answer was simple; he decided to kill his family. They were all ready trying to pass him off for dead after-all.

When I said he wanted to kill them. I mean 
murder them in a heinous manner that would cause massive amounts of blood to spurt from their bodies into pools at their feet.

it's just me, but I see nothing wrong with that. Maybe he was dead or laying in a box waiting to be dumped by them. He was totally justified in my opinion, but then again this was my dream.

Dreams are stories that 
merge into each other with no reason other than to confuse the reader. Believe me, I'm more confused than ever.

This dream was the result of finding out a former patient passed away after a lengthy battle with leukemia. May he rest in peace and let me rest when I sleep.

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