Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hall Pass and life

Today I watched Hall Pass, and thought it was extremely funny, but one of the main reasons that I thought so had more to do with the perception men have about women (in the movie).

Although, men enjoy talking trash about women, I'm not sure if men of the age bracket portrayed in the movie do that type of thing. Women by far talk more trash than any man could ever make up. We women tell it all sometimes. I have had my fair share of stories too, but now my life is much more subdued. Be careful who you piss off is all I'm telling you.

No woman wants a D in her mouth. It may happen at some point, but that's not what women think about. Okay, we might want to know what size it is, but that's a given. Now that we are on the subject, I had no idea there were two penises in the movie, one that no woman would ever go near, ever, lol.

This is so tuning out to be a perverted blog, but I'm just being real.

No middle aged man is getting some hot chick to bang. Unless you're very hot, have a ton of cash to spend on them, and are anatomically gifted. Get real. Also, if you're a single woman of the 30-40 age bracket, the pickings are mighty slim. You'll be lucky if you find a man with working plumbing. I should know because I was one of them. (We can always find sex though).

I'm so content to spend my days writing these days. Too much time because life is about having fun and I'm ready for fun. My version, is going to a gay bar and sing Karaoke and listen to music, something I'm doing tomorrow.

Women may dream about getting married or having children, but that is not the dream goal. 

Women do have dreams outside of their happy home. Maybe it's going back to school being an artist or writer. There is not a greater joy than being a mother, but really is that all a woman can be?

I think women face more challenges than men. We have babies and our bodies are shot, many of us that is. Some women's bodies are like spring boards, and they go right back into shape like pregnancy never happened. I wasn't one of them, and I had a C-Section, which is even worse.

Women get to the point where they quit caring about how they look or what they wear. We quit trying to look nice; we're too busy taking care of the family. The next thing you know you are wearing sweat pants every day, and one day you'll look in the mirror and wonder what the hell happened.

Taking care of yourself is a "for you thing." Personally, I started buying face cream at thirty, but I have been wearing makeup since my twenties. I did that and continue to because it makes me feel better about myself. I don't wear sweatpants anymore and occasionally dress up. I learned to spend money on myself when I can, and not only has that benefited me, but the entire family. I shucked the ex that treated me like crap, found a great man "Nick" and life is good. It might not be as good as it can be, but we're doing all right.

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