Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Armed and Outrageous is live

As promised I published Armed and Outrageous on both Amazon and Smashwords on May 1st. This was a feat of amazement if you really have been following me. I work nightshift and stayed up until noon Monday even though I had just worked the night shift Sunday night, and I had to work Monday night as well. The Smashwords edition was published Monday morning, and I published the Kindle version Monday afternoon right before I had to leave for work at 6:30 p.m. This is how much I love to write and this is how much it means to me.

Most of that know me think I'm just a big nobody, at least that's what I think. I told my daughter this morning whatever she does to please go to college so she can get a good job, not doing the kind of job I do. Not the writing part, that's the part of my life that really matters. This self publishing gig is for keeps, but a ton of work. Honestly it scares the shit out of me. I mean really I have so much more work that needs to be done. I don't want to be a promoting robot. I still want to interact with the folks on Facebook like always. I hope you all know how much you all mean to me. I mean it, everyone of you!

Here is part of my dedication page from my book:


I'd like to thank the following people in no particular order: William Johns, Andrea and Luke Kalkman, Barbara Pappan, Robert Walker, Candice Coghill, Kim Mutch Emerson, Mel Piff, Terry Crawford Palardy, Barbara Gagliardi, Irenia Guajardo, Adele M. Crouch, Fiona Mcvie, Robb Grindstaff, and Belinda, Frisch.
I'd also like to acknowledge everyone on Facebook. I could never have done any of this without you! Friends have come and gone through the years, but you have stuck by me no matter how crazy it's been, most of you anyway. Smiles.


Hellz Writer said...

Thank you, darling Madison. You have been there through a lot, but you have been there for me as well. You're truly the sweetest person and you words have been a great inspiration to me

Madison Johns said...

If I keep trying someday you'll be a ray of sunshine. I think it's important to be supportive of each other. I celebrate the successes of other writers whenever I can. There are a unique group of people who actually try and interact with me, and you're one of them.