Monday, May 14, 2012

Sample Monday

While it was with some discourse that any man or woman alive would know the true identity of Inspector Simon Woodbury, it was inevitable that it would happen. It was an otherwise uneventful day April 1889 that a man known to me only as Professor Walker, who was a scientist according to the ministry files, appeared in my room that day. His very presence was unexpected and unwelcomed, but I doubt he cared.  It had occurred to me later, he had been following me for quite some time. How long it was unclear.

Whereas I, Catherine Woodbury, stand a mere five feet, the good professor towered above me by nearly a foot. At the time, I feigned a fit of the vapors, but Edward scooped me up in an instant pressing me to the bed. His long, hard body pressed to mine. 

Softly he whispered into my ear. "I know who you are."


Author Nikki Prince said...

Very interesting. :)


Madison Johns said...

I have this great idea that presented itself to me. I love when that happens.