Friday, August 24, 2012

Publishing Contract

This has been a long journey and I have reached the point where I had to make some hard decisions. I love being an Indie Author and that part is changing to a point. I signed a contract with an Independant Publisher for my thriller, The Bone Extractor!

It's a hard decision for many reasons, but unfortunately I just don't have the time and resources to continue to go it alone, maybe one day. I wouldn't make this move unless it's for the greater good of my books and my writing career. I owe it to my readers to put out quality books.  

What is different with this Independant Publisher is that they are including a promotional package that is out of this world. I'm very excited and hope you'll all be here to cheer me on! 

Smiles :)


Terry said...

Absolutely here to cheer you on! Wishing you the very best outcomes. Remember I'm here if you need a hand.

James Piper said...

Not an easy decision. Good luck.

Jane Carroll said...

Delighted for you, Madison! I know you will be happy with your decision!