Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sample Sunday ~ Redneck Romance

This is another sample from my WIP Redneck Romance. In this scene the lost and utterly clueless Kelly Gray just ran out of gas and found a local — Jimmy Bob Willows — from the mountains of North Carolina to help her out.

I trembled slightly. "I'm a photographer and I'm here to take pictures of the fall leaves."

"Go home City."

Tears threatened to spill. "I can't, I need this." I turned away and dabbed at the tears and faced him again. "Perhaps I just need a guide. Are you available." Okay so I threw caution into the wind. I trusted him. I think I can trust him.

"No way, am I gonna go into the wilderness with some green city girl that don't know the first thing about surviving. Ya don't even know how to fill yore gas tank."

"Please help me, I'll pay you." I tried to convince him.

He gave me a sideways look like he might be considering it.

"I have plenty of money."

He slapped his hands over his face. "You are intent on supplying information that you shouldn't to a complete stranger that you don't even know." A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "What you got for supplies?" he asked.

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