Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Sequel to Armed and Outrageous:

This is a bit over six sentences, but I think you get the idea. In this scene Agnes Barton and Eleanor Mason are where else, but the scene of a crime. 

"I'm Agnes Baron PI and this is my assistant, Watsin here." I thumbed in El's direction.

El's eyes narrowed. "That's fine, Watsin is way smarter than Sherlock Holmes ever was."

"Are you Miss Marple?" a woman dressed in a maid uniform asked me inquisitively. 

I smoothed my hair back. "I fancy myself more of a Jessica Fletcher."

"She's such a know-it-all Aggie, you don't want to be her." Eleanor laughed.

"I'm certainly not trying to be Miss Marple or any other fictional character. I'm the real deal." I made an elegant stance like I was posing for a magazine. "I have never even read an Agatha Christie book before." I insisted.


Jane Carroll said...

Fun...I can tell the girls are back...can't wait until you finish the book!

D.H. Nevins said...

I enjoyed this excerpt. You get a good sense of the characters. Would you please visit mine?

Kim (Koda) Emerson said...

Girls are back in town, the girls are back in town.

*dancing around the room *


Kim (Koda) Emerson said...

*dancing around the room*

The girls are back in town, girls are back in town!

Madison Johns said...

Thanks everyone! I had to mention Miss Marple since everyone keeps thinking I based Agnes on her, which I didn't. LOL