Monday, August 30, 2010

Too Young To Die

How do parents decide to allow their child to participate in dangerous sports? There are children climbing mountains, sailing around the world and as we see today, dying on an Indianapolis track.

I know parents that have all of their kids into motor cross, as young as four. They rationalize it, "they 
enjoy it" but with the same breath, she said one of her sons needed to push himself to be more competitive.

Push himself? We're not talking about 
school here, but a dangerous sport that they could be seriously injured or worst.

Someone at work told me her daughter was learning to fly, and 
she's thirteen. It will take her two to three years for her to get her license. She is proud of her and rightly so, she should be, but I didn't hear the same tone from her.

How young is too young to die? I often wonder why kids just 
can't be kids anymore.

Schools are pushing children harder and harder. Their expectations are high, and 
it's no wonder schools are failing the grade. Not all children learn at the same level, and some take longer. It took my son to the end of last year for them to test him for speech, and get him help with his motor skills.
Who is truly failing? Be proactive, and help your children every way possible. Including speaking to his teacher if you don't agree with how your child is doing in school. There are many excellent teachers, but there are also bad ones.

Listen to your children because they are trying to tell us something, if only we took the time to listen. I talked to my son's teacher every time he told me he was blamed for something he 
didn't do. Being shy, he had a problem telling the teacher himself. She listened and came up with solutions that worked and were helpful.

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Stephen said...

This reminds me of a book, "Better Late Than Early", which discusses how in the long run, kids that are able to learn at thier pace tend more to excel than were they force-fed from an early age.

Your kids are very fortunate to have a mom that takes the time to help and make things right.