Saturday, March 12, 2011

Editing updates

It's great when someone likes something you write that you don't. Maybe as the writer I expect more of myself. I want every chapter to be the best. I have a great editor that I can't thank enough, she makes everything I write sound a bit better without changing my voice. You'll know it's me telling the story, and yes you'll wonder (what is wrong with her). 

I love writing thrillers and I can't see myself ever writing anything else. My killer may be more horrific in nature than most, but I have always loved horror. It's fun and exciting and I hope a real page turner (if ever given the chance to have it published). 

The Bone Extractor is an idea that I collaborated with my fiancee Nick Rose. I ask him sometimes for input but seldom use it past the original idea. My already disturbed mind kicked into high gear here and I think many of you may be surprised by the end result.

I have been rewriting most of my chapters and filling in holes as I go, and so far I'm satisfied with the original foundation, it's from there that I have been building from. I wrote an amazing book that is chocked full of twists. It will keep you guessing and I'm far from finished. I'm giving just enough details to keep it interesting until the end. Predictability is one thing you won't find.

Creating flawed characters is an easy thing to do as I also am flawed beyond repair. I have seen firsthand the worst in human nature and at this point nothing people do would surprise me. Maybe I was born to be a writer or maybe I'm a writer to because of what I have experienced. Lucky for me I haven't had any of the experiences my character will endure.

There are no accidents and everything does happens for a reason.

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