Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madison's take on the news in Mid-Michigan

You're busted now

Remember the days of your youth when you hid the the playboy magazines under your mattress and prayed your mother never found out.

Today is much different as you only need to make a few clicks online and see all the pornographic images you want. (a scary thing for any parent).

(Caution this may come with a lovely Trojan virus)

Nothing says I love you mom as your children crashing your computer.

What if you had a way to check up on your children. Would you do it? They have already learned how to clear the history.

What if it wasn't your child that was doing the porn searches, but your spouse or significant other, would you want to know. I stress if you're in a relationship this may not be the best road to go down. First you should be able to trust your partner, and unless he gives you a reason to doubt his undying love - I can't stress it enough, don't check up on him.

Women often go ballistic over their man looking at porn online. Personally mine can do it all day long, and masturbate afterward and I wouldn't give a hoot. (He'd have to this between naps though)

I'd be more concerned with late night phone calls and text messages, but that is a whole other can of worms.

My point is you shouldn't feel the need to check up on your partner, and if you do so, it may result in a strained relationship (or the end of it).

They have a device called the porn stick, it's is an usb devise that scans computer files for pornographic images. Here's the kicker, (even deleted ones). It's similar to the one police use to scan someone's computer for child porn. What it won't reveal is videos.

A Bomb sniffing dog is being bought by the Genesse County Sheriff's Department as their last dog died last October. The problem is the cost of training him is $11,000 which is a huge amount of money. They could put another deputy back to work with that money. These are troubled times and it would be good to have one. (If you have ever been to Flint, you'd know that would be the last place you'd think someone would want to bomb) but you never know, as we do have the Michigan Militia.

Man is in critical condition after his own tractor runs over him. Truly a very sad story indeed, but it is being investigated because he was standing next to the tractor at the time. His tractor somehow slipped into gear. How does that happen?? Perhaps he didn't have it put into gear properly, but this story is very puzzling.

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