Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Facebook is at it again

This shouldn't be a news flash as once again our privacy is being violated yet again by Facebook. They are going ahead with plans to share our phone numbers and address with 3rd parties. Something to think about for those of us playing Farmville and other games on Facebook, considered apps.

They sent a letter to Congress informing of their plans, read about it here . Apparently when we joined Facebook we did so losing all our rights to our privacy. 

If you truly want to protect your privacy don't put it on Facebook. Don't give them your address phone number or birthdate.

There is no such thing as a free social network. There is money to be made and Facebook is selling our information, but at what price. I see people on Facebook under the age of eighteen giving the whole world their cell phone number (I should know my niece is one of them). What about them, don't they count. Forget about trying to warning them because it's a waste of time. What reason is there to give a social network that kind of information, and how dare they consider giving it to a 3rd party. 

Perhaps Facebook has gotten to big for its britches. 

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