Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The future as I see it

I see the future as wide open. Writers have more choices these days than ever before. I think all writers want to see their books in print at an affordable price, and to make enough money to make a living doing this.

Some of us will only be able to do it on the side, but that's not always a 
bad thing. Think about all the additional research we get to do. With a day, or night job we have the opportunity to research characters at great length. What kind of voice do they have? Have you ever noticed annoying habits we all have? Maybe it's the nail biter or the person that taps their leg when they sit. (Two of my habits).

I won't go anymore in depth about the future of publishing. I 
embrace both formats. Enough said.

I cancelled my website. I 
honestly don't see the need for one, even if I had something to sell. It takes too much time and I'd much rather blog. If most of you checked it out, you might see the traffic to your website isn't enough to constitute one. In the beginning, you needed one but do you now?

I plan on feeding everything 
from my blog. When I have something to sell, I'll link from here. It's here that I have hits, at least twenty a day, thirty on a good day. I think that's damn good for an unpublished writer.

I enjoy writing, it doesn't matter if it's a zombie 
short or a short story length beginning. Many of my stories are not complete in the sense that they have an ending. For instance, "The Book Of Lies." It's one of those stories that I started with no destination in mind. That's what writers do - we write. 

I see myself as a thriller writer, but I 
need to write my zany stories too. I think it's a healthy balance. I'm crazy (in a good way), but you already knew that.

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