Friday, May 6, 2011

Year in the life of a writer

I wish I still possessed the actual date I started my, now finished novel. I know when I first starting writing it, I wrote the first twenty thousand words in a month. 

At the time I had a another novel that was submitted. I later received a rejection, and it will never be seen again, laughs. It was that bad. It had a cool name though "Insanity." (I think the publisher was too kind in her rejection letter).

The Bone Extractor had humble beginnings, but it started off like a rocket. Somewhere after 40,000 words I lost sight, confidence, and let too much bull shit get in the way to mention. I didn't write for another three months.

I always found my way back, and I wrote what I could when I could. In the end it took me a year to finish, and another three months to rewrite the parts that needed rewriting. The editing I needed a bit more help doing. 

When I looked over the documents - I had at one time completely ripped it apart and started it back over again. I saved most of them thank goodness, because I did my research and put it back together the way it was in the beginning. In the end I have finished the best version of my novel that I could write. 

If I learned anything it is to never quit writing. So what if I have never been published, I finished a novel, and that's a great accomplishment. I feel great about it too, because I earned it. I poured all of my soul into this thing and hope someone will want to buy it. You need to feel good about what you do, no matter what it is. 

I read an insane amount of writers blogs, and hope they take the time to read mine. I tell my kids they can do whatever they set their mind to, and I'm living proof of that. I may never be a best selling author, but  I will continue to write.  

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