Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Bone Extractor

I have finished rewriting my novel "The Bone Extractor" and my editor Barbara Pappan has just sent me all the edits. I will, at this time, be going through it again and make sure it's smooth as butter. I will also be making a few minor changes.

I appreciate my editor more than you could ever know. Writing this book has been an eye opening and learning experience for me, and if not for my editor, this book would never be as good as it is. Not just because of the editing, but for the advice she gave me. I found the right person and listened to what she told me, and I challenged myself like never before. 

Nick Rose will be doing the cover featuring Kane Hodder who played Jason Voorhees in four of the Friday The 13th movies, and he's also in the Hatchet series. For my cover there will be no mask involved, no pun intended. He has the perfect face for what I imagined my character Bonesaw to look like. 

I'm working on a query which I plan on sending to an Independent publisher, and I hope they'll like it, if not, you'll be seeing it on Amazon as an ebook. It's no secret I've been leaning that way the last few months. I know that will mean more hard work on my part to get my name out there, but even with a publisher you need to do that.

The Bone Extractor should appeal to crime story buff's and horror fans alike. I love love/hate relationships and think you'll love where this story takes you.

I hope you'll continue to follow me on my journey.

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