Friday, August 19, 2011

The new direction

I don’t know where my vivid imagination came from; I only know that, as a child, I was an avid daydreamer. I kept the daydreams alive inside of me or maybe they kept me alive.  Either way at age 45 I started a journey of a lifetime. I started writing. (Oh god if only I knew).

I’m a crime and thriller writer that is working on putting the finishing touches on two books to self publish as eBook on Amazon, Smashwords, and other outlets. 

The first is a thriller, “The Bone Extractor.” I think the title speaks for itself. It’s about a serial killer who extracts the entire skeleton from his victims with surgical precision. The cover features a likeness of actor Kane Hodder as “Bonesaw,” done by dark artist Nick Rose. 

My second book is a senior sleuth “Armed and Outrageous” with a zany cast of characters. Agnes Barton is 72 and thinks of herself as conservative, but her partner in crime Eleanor Mason, who is 82, is making it impossible. Despite their antics, they somehow manage to look into the disappearance of a tourist. 

I have not thought lightly about self-publishing eBooks. I have researched the subject extensively. It’s no longer the dirty word it once was and ultimately the goal is to write books that people will enjoy reading. 

I know this road is not an easy one. The full brunt of hiring an editor and marketing the book is on my shoulders, but I have decided one thing – it’s time for me to invest in me.

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