Sunday, August 28, 2011

Open your eyes

Every morning I drive by the same man waiting for the bus. He's not the sort of man most would go near, but I want to buy him a cup of coffee. I worked at a restaurant in 1995, and he came in there and drank coffee for most of the day. Reality check. There are people out there that most would never go near because of how they look, and that's sad if you think about it. 

I wonder if he is homeless or if he lives in a room somewhere. I heard he maybe even had money. He has wandered the streets of Saginaw for fifteen years that I know of and still does. I know this because I see him all the time. 

I bet there is someone where you live that everyone shuns because of the way he/she looks, but is that right? No. These people are perceived as "freaks" or worse just because they look different. If you think about it, we all look different, it's what sets us apart from the pack. 

I'm a crime writer that has written a thriller, I wonder how many people think I'm a freak. 
Sixx Am's CD "This is gonna Hurt," is a collection of songs that touch my heart deeply. One song is called "Skin," basically about letting someone see who you are, not judge you by your skin. Behind the skin are amazing people you'll never take the time to know. 

I'm a crime and thriller writer that is blessed to have a job at a hospital where I can take time and get to know the person behind the skin. 

Thoughts for the day: be happy you have a roof over your head and food on the table because so many do not. 

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