Sunday, February 27, 2011


Let me first start and tell you I'm working hard on my edits, which include rewriting. I flew through the first seven chapters rather easily, and that should have been a warning of things to come. Obviously I had gone through them before, although minimally.

In chapter nine, I hit a brick wall, and I know it will take all my energy from here out. Someone is helping me, and I won't send her anything unless I have done all I can to make both the story and editing as good as I possible. Not an easy task it would seem. I'm not sure to what extent she'll help me, but I appreciate her efforts very much.

She had a great idea to make my chapters better, and it's a formula that I will use in all my future novels. I thought it might be a great idea to give you some incite into some of my characters. would you like to meet him? Next blog I will feature an in depth look at one of my main character, but it will only be a look and not a tell all.

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