Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cover for my book "The Bone Extractor"

It's great to be able to see the whole process from start to finish. This is the sketch for my book "The Bone Extractor." 

This is another photo in process, and you can see Nick worked on the background. It's being done as an oil painting at this point.

This is the finished cover for my book The Bone Extractor! I'm very happy with the finished product that Nick Rose created for me. It has been a painstaking process because Nick worked on it while he was getting major dental work done. He deserves all the kudos he can get because he faces adversity every day, and yet, he can create something that is every bit what I'd dreamed my cover should be! As you can see, we replaced the scalpel with a saw. 

My character Bonesaw is every bit the dark character that the name suggests. He has blood on his hands, literally, and I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark corner. It's bad enough I met him in my dreams. Worse yet I created him out of my head. I can't blame anyone for that. I'm proud of my book and the only thing that could top this moment is to hear back from the publisher I submitted my manuscript to. 

Kane Hodder was kind enough to let us use his image as Bonesaw, and that alone, is huge for Nick and I. For those that are not familiar with Kane Hodder. He's a stuntman turned actor playing Jason voorhees in four of the Friday the Thirteenth, Hatchet, and Ed Gein to name a few.

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Nick Rose said...

Thank you Madison. It was my pleasure. Love forever and always.