Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First draft is done

I'm happy to say that I finished writing the first draft of my most recent book "Armed Outrageous." 

Finishing a novel is always a great feeling. I had fun writing humor, probably why it went so smooth this time. I had no clear-cut plot so to speak as this book is more character driven, but it came together beautifully. 

I had a kidnapping, but I had no idea who did it or why until the very end. In truth, this book is more of a mystery than what I have written in the past. In the end, it took on a dark tone, as even the most lighthearted of stories have to be dark sometimes. I had a 6,000 word jump because I started this story last July while I was writing "The Bone Extractor." I like to start my next book before I put my WIP to bed. I wrote this story in 1st person, which is a complete turnaround from where my writing has been in the past. 

I like writing 1st person, and when I decided to rip this story around. It took some doing, and I hope while editing I can smooth it out even more. It does have its limitations though, which I found out in one of my last chapters, but it all worked out.

I made writing a priority and had a personal goal of 1,000 words a day, which I kept for the most part. I finished this book on the Fourth of July weekend, which is kind of cool. I procrastinated for days about the ending and it only came about because I started writing. I wish I could say I'm the type of person that can pound out an outline, but that just doesn't work for me. I do hope in the future that will be the case. 

My next WIP will be dark with a some humor thrown in the mix. I like dark crime writing and hope I can blend it the way I think I can. I took a chunk of a story I wrote long ago and combined it with something I started recently. Again, I turned it around into 1st person, which wasn't easy. I lost whole sentences that I loved. I even read both versions to my fiancee, but ultimately I'm the one that made the decision. He liked the 3rd person version. I do too, but as the writer, I'm the one that has to pound out this story, and I can't see myself writing something if I hate what I'm doing. 

I don't have a monkey on my back, all the pressure I put on myself in of my own choosing. I have an editor that is both editor and friend, she my sounding board that is a great thing to have. Someone needs to tell me when I'm off the mark or if something doesn't work. Personally at this point, I think, I have a better feel for what works and what doesn't for me. 

You don't learn by someone telling you how to do it. You learn by trial and error. I can see myself improve as a writer with every story I write. I have a style all my own, which I hope people will like, if and when my book makes it past my laptop, laughs.

All the advice I was told I didn't take, but I see now it really was all good advice, I just wasn't ready to accept it. This is also how you can grow as a writer. Unfortunately, I learn more when I hit myself over the head with at rock, smiles.

If someone told me, I'd be starting my fourth novel, I would have told him or her, they were crazy, because the idea seems surreal to me. I feel caught in a whirlwind, and I'm stuck inside. To be a good writer, you have to work at it, and nothing comes easy. 

Have a great week, and as always - thanks for reading.

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