Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lost Graves

I stopped by the graveyard where my Uncle is buried. He was a baby and is buried in the baby section of the cemetery toward the front, in an area I call "the baby section." His grave stone is a lamb, and although I found some of them, I couldn't find his.

Most of the lambs are unmarked and forgotten, and some were so damaged that it's hard to tell what they ever were. I saw grave markers pulled from the ground, and chopped up grave markers with headless lambs. Who's responsibility is it to maintain the condition of such markers? Considering most of them were from the 30s and 40s I shouldn't have expected much.

I know the people mowing the grass and maintaining the property think no more of it than if they were mowing someone's lawn (someone they don't really care for). They routinely chip stones with little regard. It's not like the dead can do anything about it, right? I know for a fact this extremely hurts family members, and yet, nobody really cares. 

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