Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Introducing Indies and Beyond

I have been involved with many groups on Linkedin and Facebook. These groups that have opened doors for me. I was asked to do a podcast by Quinn Barrett, for Wise Bear Books. I had a ton of fun doing that and I'm hoping to stop back by there when my book is released. Today I was asked to do an interview for Inspiration forum. It features part of the opening chapter for my upcoming book Armed and Outrageous. I hope you check it out. 

I started my own writing group or our writing group as I like to refer to it, called Indies and Beyond. I want to encourage writers, editors, and artists to take part and share their wisdom and expertise. I also want to encourage readers to take part and sound off. All that I ask is for everyone to play nice. You are free to post links. 

I hope you all  have a great week.

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