Sunday, January 8, 2012

KDP Select Rules

Okay so I won't get into the pot of gold over this one and I don't much care. The best reason to do the KDP Select is that you can change the price of your eBook to free for five days. Everybody loves freebees, right? For a writer like me, that's huge!

I did not plan to wait until January either. It was quite by accident. I had no idea how to change it to free, but after reading that all my Facebook writer buddies were doing it, I said what the hey. It took some fiddling around, but I figured out how. I enrolled in KDP Select a little after it started. I wasn't really getting any sales from Smashwords. I hated to un-publish it, but it's one of the things you have to do as terms of service for KDP Select.

To date, my sales of Coffin Tales Season Of Death isn't huge, but I am selling them, and my sales are continuing to grow.

Starting Jan 2nd, Coffin Tales, changed from 99 cents to free. Downloads went through the roof. Not only am I amazed. I'm astounded.
I didn't get 1,000 or what many of my other writer friends are getting. I'm not concerned about that. You can't get yourself wrapped up in if you are better or sell more than most of your other writer friends. Just be you.

My promotion ran from Jan 2-6, and most downloads happened during the weekend, but I lost the momentum I could have had because I had to work. Us writer types need a job until we become J.A. Konrath. We don't want to be him, just successful like him.

So I suppose my downloads could of ... would of ... should of ... been much higher. Maybe. Giggles. This further proves shorter fiction has a place on Amazon.

I want to thank everyone that snatched up a free copy of Coffin Tales and of course, everyone that bought a copy, and continues to buy it.

Yes, that's the beauty of it because it's still ... selling.

I want to thank every writer that shared my book link or retweeted. I couldn't have done it without any of you. Facebook without question rules!! I love all of my friends followers and stalkers.

Also, thanks to everyone that posted a review on Amazon. 

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