Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 1/22/12

Again from my WIP Redneck Romance.

As everyone entered, they were given a plate with eggs, burnt bacon, and corn muffins that looked like hockey pucks. I took a bite, and the muffin cracked apart into a pile of crumbs, which didn't taste good either. I felt everyone's eyes on me, and my face reddened. I scratched my stomach, and bolted outside, and hid behind a shed. 

Five minutes later, a rooster chased me into the front yard where Jimmy Bob and his kin stood on the porch laughing. 

"I reckon he doesn't like city folks either," Maw said.

I stood there looking at her like WTF. Why just the other day she had been nice as pie, but today her whole attitude towards me had changed. 

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