Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coffin Tales proves you should listen to your parents!

Your parents told you. Your teachers told you. Your preacher told you. But did you listen? No!

It's one of the many ideas behind Coffin Tales Season of Death.  

Since you were old enough to walk and talk, your parents told you not to talk to strangers! Did you listen? No! 

Curiosity gets the better of Travis and Willie, and they can't help but want to know what creepy old man Johnson is doing this year in the story, Jack-o'-lantern. Sure they knew fifty years ago four children disappeared, rumored, from the Johnson farm. Mr. Johnson always had the scariest Jack-o'-lanterns every year, and they can't help but wonder how he portrays the images so graphically. Even though warned by Willie's mom to stay away from that farm ...

Do we need to be reminded that stealing is wrong? Yes, maybe we do. 

In proper Alfred Hitckcock fashion, birds have been a fascination, and I can't think of a creeper bird than a crow. In the story, Hell Crow, crimes of the past play havoc on the future. Hanover, Illinois, had always been blessed with bountiful crops, but it also attracts hordes of crows. Hell Crow is a legend in this town, but as the equinox approaches—Bobby Sue scrambles to rally the towns people to help build a scarecrow before it's too late and if she must ...

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