Friday, February 3, 2012

Busy girl is in the mood to snooze

Seriously too much going on and no time to think straight.
I'm doing a two week course using Armed and Outrageous for material. I had been warned this might be a train wreck waiting to happen. Not so. When I told you that I had a feeling about this book I wasn't joking. I can see how much I'd benefit from hiring an editor, which I plan to do, and now I know who I'm hiring.
I had worries about this book and they have been put to rest. This book is still submitted to a publisher. Here, we go again, I'm hoping for a rejection, does that sound bad? Maybe because it is I guess. I can't wait another year to make a splash. This is the year to make it happen. I have grown as a writer in leaps and bounds. I have two books that are marketable. All I need is an editor and drive enough to leash them onto the world.
Okay so I'm on Facebook way too much, but I still managed to start a new book, work on another, and think about what's next. The sequel for Armed is in the works and lord knows when I'll get back to it or if I should test the waters first. I did actually start it, but I needed to step away from the characters for awhile. My fresh step back has reminded me of the magic. I have so many places I want to go, and more senior naughtiness to explore. It's not erotica by any means. What I really want to readers to get from Armed and Outrageous is that life is not over if you're older. It has just begun.

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