Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#Wow Wednesday Blog Hop Featuring Girl of my Dreams by Morgan Mandel

Wednesday blog hop has now arrived. I'm not sure who started this, but it's a great idea. I will be posting eight sentences of a book I'm reading. So here it goes. What better way to draw traffic to your blog than promoting the writing of others. 

My first selection is a no-brainer for me as I love this book, although to date, I still haven't finished it. I even mentioned the author in one of my interviews.

Girl of my Dreams
Even the air smelled different. A gentle breeze wafted from the canal, carrying with it a watery, pungent smell, hinting of deep mysteries and soulful dalliances.

Jillian sighed. Venice was meant for lovers.

Blake's voice interrupted her musings. "Troy, stand out of camera range. Okay, girls, time for the fountain shoot."

Oh, my, what a teaser, right? 

Girl of my Dreams is available on Amazon for the price of $0.99, you can't beat that, right? You can also find out more about Morgan Mandels books at Choice One Publishing or check out her blog.


Morgan Mandel said...

I had a lot of fun writing this book!

Morgan Mandel

Madison Johns said...

That's how I felt when I wrote Armed and Outrageous. Funny is ... fun! If you are having fun writing a book, I think it shows. Good luck!

Soooz said...

Hi, Morgan! Thanks for joining in my Wow write on Wednesday blog hop.

I'm so pleased that you did so. Did you enter your blog on the Linky list yet?