Monday, March 26, 2012

Grandma Betty is a dirty girl

Okay, so Grandma Betty is currently reading erotica, and no way am I entering the room to see what she's up to.

Editing is a game made up of two members, one the editor. We'll call him supreme being as he turns everything into gold.

Writer: has a rough manuscript that needs help for a multiple of reasons. 

Together they turn the mundane into a great piece of work. I won't call it a manuscript, I'll call it publishable. 

Armed and Outrageous is a work of fiction that I will call cozy mystery. No, it doesn't have murder in the title. How many of those could you invent? These 'person's of a certain age' will shock and awe you. If you like laugh aloud humor you need look no further. I should know, I have been laughing out loud the whole way.

Hiring an editor is the greatest experience of my life. I encourage everyone to hire an editor and go through the process. I'm blown away with how much I've learned. 

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