Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#Wow Wednesday Blog Hop featuring R.A. Evans

While searching for another book to feature, I came across an author from my home state of Michigan. After starting this book, I'm glad he lives on the opposite side of the state, lol. This time out, horror!

Let me introduce you to Asylum Lake (Parting The Veil), a fitting name considering an abandoned asylum was just across the lake. In normal #Wow Wednesday blog hop fashion, I'll get right to the teaseeer.

Asylum (Parting The Veil)

Brady pulled his attention from the darkened hospital to Tammy as she added,"Yeah, the hospital. You know what happened there, right? Why it closed and everything?" She finished the marshmallow and wiped her sticky fingers on her shorts as she, too stood. Brady shrugged in ignorance. "He really doesn't know," she said, turning to Jeff as he returned with a trash bag.

Asylum Lake eBook $2.99

What happened at the hospital? I want to know, don't you?? 

On the heel of his wife's sudden death, Brady Tanner, moves to a small town in northern Michigan. As he arrives at his parents retirement house, where he spent many summers as a youth, his parents now gone, painful memories break to the surface. 

As a resident of Michigan, I can chuckle along with some of the references like about Barry Sanders, former running back for the Lions.


There is actually a real Lake Asylum.

          And there was a real, Michigan Asylum for the Insane.

       Are you scared yet? Because I'm shaking in my shoes!

R.A. Evans did his research and created a story all his own, unlike any before. One waiting for you to discover. As he weaves an intricate pattern of mystery and discovery, you'll be hard pressed to put this book down.

R.A. Evans is a rising star in the horror genre!

Coming soon Grave Undertakings the sequel to Lake Asylum.

If interested, check out his links.
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