Saturday, March 31, 2012

Target Audience

I have come to the conclusion about who is in my target audience.

Women and men between the ages of 30-100, younger if you think older folks are a real hoot. Mature to a point but not mature in situations where they need to be like going to church or meeting someone real important. Extremely bad in situations when you have to chat with your boss. Slightly damaged or extremely damaged. Heartbroken or completely disillusioned about life in general. Yes, I'm right there with ya peeps.

People that have a quirky or odd sense of humor. 

People who think constantly about how much better about their life would be if only they had a gun and a plan. Kidding. LOL. 

People that love to watch crime TV shows including true crime

People interested in humanity as a whole. People that have children or know people that do. People that hate children, but love dogs or cats. People that hate all animals. People that have a job they love. People that have a job they hate. People that have no job. People that have a disability. Depressed. Happy. Young. Old. Young at heart. Writers. Readers. Haters. Critics. 

All ethnic backgrounds. All sexual orientations. People that love the government. People that hate the government. People that want to form their own government. People that love any and all genres. Open minded people. Close minded people.

And lastly people that would love it if Madison Johns would shut the hell up!

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